In my opinion any therapy is worth taking, it simply means that we are aware that something is bothering us and we want to change it. That road of our personal becoming can take us from recognising of where we are, towards gaining clarity about the obstacles we experience, learning to let go of them, while aligning with our own core values and ultimately becoming our own intrinsic, authentic, confident, thriving self, a road which often seems too long, complicated, overwhelming and disheartening. Hypnotherapy takes us gently through the process much quicker, for the simple reason that the problem is addressed at the level of subconscious mind where it actually exists.

Problems and solutions often live on different levels of consciousness and awareness. So when we are building our future life, dragging the past experiences along is either preventing us from doing it successfully, or significantly slowing us down, simply because we are trying to resolve something with the same level of consciousness that created the problem in the first place.

Mental and emotional stability to navigate life is about acknowledging and releasing emotional heaviness and then learning the self discipline of conscious focus on what we want.

RTT is under hypnosis taking therapy and represents a combination of a most beneficial principles of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy put together by Marisa Peer, although every single RTT therapist has their own, unique approach to it.

On the opposite end of this, in terms of how the sessions are structured is what the founder of this approach calls the Hypnotherapy Protocol, which doesn't require client's speaking involvement. It was originally created for the military veterans who suffered from PTSD, but has been modernised and modified since, so it has wider scope of use and is effective when treating even deep traumas, equally physical and emotional.

"It's very important to me that people who are reading this understand that it is not my intention to simply share another positive review, but to,

from the bottom of my heart share my evolutionary change after the sessions. I don't believe in miracles, but this was, in my books, nothing short of it.

The changes in my life are so deep and profound, my perception of self will never be the same again. Jelena is one very wise, knowledgeable

and caring therapist that does not give up easily."

Violeta V., Belgrade